Nothing to do on this saturday afternoon. Let see what is new within the blogosphere.
No doubt that my bloglines account is full of new post.

Hum hum, Flock is at last available in Beta version: Mozilla’s security and Look&Feel plus the integration of Flickr, APIs plus some blogging tools. It sounds great. Let’s give it a try.


As soon as I entered my login details, Flock downloaded all my saved sites (with related tags). Yet, each new site I will bookmark with Flock will be automatically add to my account. Nice!!

2- Flickr
A top bar can be opened with your choice of flickr pictures.
I need to investigate further on this topic…

3- Blogging tool
Actually, I created this blog only to test the functionality. And moreover, WordPress gives free accounts to Flock users (even if Flock is not 100% compatible with wordpress yet: cannot modify a existing post for instance).
After my wordpress was created, I ran the blog editor in Flock, entered my login/pwd and wrote this text.
After some difficulties with the blog editor (bullets points and lists are painfull to use…), I add some tags to my post, clicked on publish and it worked properly.
Then I tried to modify my text but I didn’t find out a way to do it. It seems that Flock allows you to create a post but not to update/modify one.

By the way wordpress is amazing in term of use of AJAX capability.

5- The Shelf
The shelf is a little window where you can drop several web stuff (text, URL, pictures…) into. Could be useful when you want to save some data prior to writing a blog spot for instance 😉

6- Extensions
Some great extensions are already available for Flock:
Greasemonkey, GmailNotifier and Webdeveloper …

7- Misc.
Some tries on “difficult” websites (java, flash, javascript) showed that Flock is able to handle such spread technologies.

I ran a TOP command under a console to check the amount of memory my browsers use:
Safari 2.0.1: 116 Mo
Flock 0.4.1: 204 Mo
Firefox 1.0.7: 296 Mo

It seems that Flock is lighter than Firefox. Maybe, all the extensions I installed on Firefox are transtating the result.

Anyway, great browser for those who are keen on using all the great latest web applications.Assuming that most of problems will be fixed in next version, I am looking forward to getting it!!!

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