I read on Signal vs Noise that Google released its new version of Google Web Accelerator.

The post raises a lot of concern about the privacy. Indeed, if all i read (or even a part of it) is true, we can start wondering…

So let’s recap. Google…

Besides this problem specific to GWA, it seems that angry at Google is more and more present within the web.

It makes me think of Microsoft a decade ago. Microsoft used to launch new great innovative products (Windows 95) that geeks were looking forward to them.

But month after month, doubts about privacy, monopoly and even quality of the products were raised. Now Microsoft is the evil that we all have to fight against.
Just have some words with a student in IT, he will tell you all the bad things he thinks about Microsoft (regardless the legitimacy of its opinions) and will try to convert you to Linux stuff.

So, despite the fact that Google launched some great products (Google Earth is one of them, for instance), it seems that Google will follow the same way as Microsoft. And, as far as I know, there is nothing they can do against it.


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