November 2005

Want to watch (again) Star Wars on your computer ?

Under Windows,

  1. Start Menu
  2. Run
  3. type Cmd
  4. type telnet
  5. enjoy!

Even better (with color), if you use IPv6.

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Right here right now
If you want to make sure you have the last version of Firefox, try this site (using javascript and SVG) or this one where you will play Tetris.
[update] The MD5 for 1.5 is exactly the same as for 1.5 RC3 (d0cbbd5d8c47fe36ee8f26fb1255838c).
It simply means that Firefox 1.5 RC3 = Firefox 1.5.
So, if you’re using Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 3, congratulations: you have Firefox 1.5.

[update2] did a great job in measuring F1.5 perfomances.


Meebo allows you to connect simultaneously to your favorite IM (MSN, Gtalk/Jabber, ICQ/AIM and Yahoo!) from your browser.

It looks like your desktop (AJAX’s based) and is so easy to login.

It is becoming seriously difficult to prevent yourself from trying to use right-click button . I think we are reaching the touchy limit between website and webOS.
Wish list: add Skype integration and a RSS agregator (bloglines like)

Anyway, Gary wrote a great article on Meebo.

[update] It appears that Meebo doesn’t handle your MSN (at least) blocked contacts letting them chat with you when you are connected… Not Good!
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If you are looking for free programming documentation (to print), have a look at this site:

  • Assembly
  • C/C++
  • DB (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL …)
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • .NET
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • C#
  • PERL
  • … and many many other

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It has been raining on Lille for the last 2 days.
Therefore, I spent my time chating with friends, playing and surfing over the web.
This is typically the kind of day that I wonder what I would do without internet.
There are so many things Internet can help you with:
– phone
– looking for data
– save money with lower prices
– games

A new thing I will try soon:
In a few days, Auchan [FR] is going to open a new drive-in shop
The concept:
1- You select your products on the site (F&B typically)
2- You pay online and tell Auchan when you wish to come and pick your products
3- After your working day, you drive to the shop (by chance near my job) and someone picks-up your basket directly into you car.
4- That it
Isn’t it nice ?
I will write about this service as soon as I’ve tested it.

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Mario Kart DS
I couldn’t wait longer…
Yesterday (friday) was the release of Mario Kart DS in France.
I promised to myself that I would resist but after reading this test and especially the paragraph regarding the multiplayer game over internet feature, I ran to the first shop in order to buy the game.
First impression:
I had the same feelings as I played on N64. Which is I was requiring.
it is awesome. The game is hard enough and there are a lot of maps.
After playing a few maps alone, I decided to try to access the web.
Unfortunately, my DS wasn’t able to get an IP from my DHCP router wifi. So I entered manually all the details (IP, gateway and DNS) and it worked.
After a few minutes (just the time to automatically find 3 other players), I was playing with guys (don’t ask me where ther were from) who kicked my ass with turtles, bomb and so on. I LOVED IT!!!!
I wish some friends bought a DS as well to compete with them. Indeed, you can register some friends ID and find & play with them easily.

[update] I am a little bit disappointed – Indeed, the battle mode is not available for game over internet. There is “only” the usual race.
Hum hum, this is crazy how quickly I became requiring.

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