It has been raining on Lille for the last 2 days.
Therefore, I spent my time chating with friends, playing and surfing over the web.
This is typically the kind of day that I wonder what I would do without internet.
There are so many things Internet can help you with:
– phone
– looking for data
– save money with lower prices
– games

A new thing I will try soon:
In a few days, Auchan [FR] is going to open a new drive-in shop
The concept:
1- You select your products on the site (F&B typically)
2- You pay online and tell Auchan when you wish to come and pick your products
3- After your working day, you drive to the shop (by chance near my job) and someone picks-up your basket directly into you car.
4- That it
Isn’t it nice ?
I will write about this service as soon as I’ve tested it.

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