December 2005

The French blogging pope has managed to podcast the french interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy.
The video should be online soon. Update: video is here.

Congratulations Mr Le Meur.
Loic Le Meur blog [FR]: Nicolas Sarkozy podcasté pour la première fois

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Kevin explains how you can use your gmail address to subscribe to not so trusted websites… So useful.

Another way is to connect to Mailinator and to obtain a randomly generated email address that you will use only once.

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Breaknews [FR] – French parliament has proposed an unexpected change to a law (the one regarding the DRM) to legalise p2p download (music, movies, data) if not for commercial purposes.

In order to remunerate the artists, some politics are talking of an annual fee.

[update] A second reading of the official text has been asked. It will occur this afternoon. Nothig is done.

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The work on this protocol (Jingle) was shared with google for Gtalk.
It is really a good news that the documentation is now avalaible on the net.

I am looking forward to seeing what will be the first use of it.

Can we imagine a website ( where you can listen to a friend who is using a jabber client (like Gtalk or Ichat). The problem is that you won’t be able to answer him since you must have a software (+ drivers) installed in order to encode your voice.
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I’ve just discovered that the famous french ezine made RSS available:

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I have already been proud to be French.
But nowadays, it is getting harder since our politics are discussing about the legalisation of the DRM.
I’ve heard on the grapevine that music majors and artists are losing money. Can you believe it?

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If you want to sign the petition against this law, click here [FR].

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As you probably already know, Apple made the decision to change the brand of their processors. They are going to switch to Intel.
They first planned to launch first MacOnIntel on June.
According to ThinkSecret, it may be a lot sooner. Indeed, Steve Jobs may announce the release of a new ibook based on Intel chipset during the next Keynote in January.
A friend of mine has been told by a friend of him (who, of course, has been told by another friend…) that a new ipod may be announced as well.
So keep your money in your wallet until January!

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