I thought it might be useful to share the extension I actually use with Firefox 1.5.

  • PDF Download -> It allows you to choose between open a PDF (found on the web) in a new tab or save it on you computer.
  • Gmail Manager -> useful at work where I cannot connect thru POP3. Can also handle multiple accounts.
  • del.icio.us -> great integration of del.icio.us API.
  • TabBrowser preference –> enhance the tab experiment by adding some new features.
  • WebDeveloper -> A lot of fonctionalities to help web developers test/debug their pages. I personally use it to validate HTML, CSS and forms
  • Viamatic Foxpose -> Like the expose effect under Mac OS. You click on a button and all your tabs are displayed. Then, you have just to select the one you want to work with.
  • Chrome cleaner -> increases the startup time of firefox
  • FasterFox -> some tweaks for firefox in order to increase speed
  • Performance -> Allows you to bllog from Firefox (as Flock does) for or WordPress, MovableType and Blogger.
  • I am now waiting for the googlebar extension for v1.5…

What about you?
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