February 2006

I am wondering if there is a service similar to Digg or Newsvine dedicated to online Shopping ?

I make myself clear:

  1. You see a great deal for a product on a specific eShop,
  2. You report it to the website (Digg’s way),
  3. You select the relevant country, category and tags,
  4. You vote for it,
  5. Any other person who finds that what you’ve raised is a good bargain can also vote for,
  6. You can even be granted if you are the first or if you find a better price for the same product.

Wouldn’t it be great and helpful for online shoppers?



I am a huge fan of digg but have never used it for my own blog. I’ve also discovered newsvine. I’ve read a some posts and articles comparing them. I thought it might be nice to test the popularity of each.

I started registering in Newsvine some of my posts and a few hours later, I did the same on Digg. The result is impressive since Digg provided the same amount of traffic (still growing) in 4 minutes as Newsvine did in 10 hours.

I want to apologize for any inconvenient within both services doing the test. Indeed some Digg users have quickly discovered that I promoted my own posts and had to report it. Sorry for that.

[update] I’ve also reported my entries in Digg as spam since the test is conclusive (traffic mutliplied by 100).

[update2] It seems that Newsvine effect lasts longer that Digg like shows following figures:

It may be because Newsvine is still in Beta (as Brandon and Reggie commented) and has not as many shared posts/news as Digg has.

I plan to format my desktop so that I will get a brand new clean WinXP installation (“spring clean up” in advance)
In order to forget nothing, I draw up a list of softwares I often use (I have plenty of apps I’ve used only once)

I think it would be useful to share the list:





[Update] For those who come from Digg or Newsvine, this post was part of a test I ran to compare popularity between both services. Results here.
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Technorati Chart
Posts that contain Flock per day for the last 180 days.Technorati Chart
Posts that contain Firefox per day for the last 180 days.
My first post(4 months ago) dealt with Flock. At this time, a lot of websites and blogs (Flock was #1 on Technorati home page) was covering the launch of the new trendy browser.
Today, I don’t read and hear anymore about it while Firefox keeps increasing its Maket Share (20% in Europe according to ZDnet UK).I was wondering what could be the reasons of this loss of popularity (other than the buzz effect).A first explanation I can find is that people realized that Flock doesn’t provide with anything more than Firefox already does.Indeed following firefox extensions can bring the same level of functionality as Flock does.

I would add that people who are likely to use Flickr, Delicious and Blogging tools (and therefore Flock) are the same people who are able to understand and use these firefox extensions.

Anyway, I am sure that guys from Flock (which is still in Beta) will soon add some great functionalities.

[Update] For those who come from Digg or Newsvine, this post was part of a test I ran to compare popularity between both services. Results here.

Franz Ferdinand

A friend of mine asked me to help him build the new website of its company.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this. After thinking a few days about what would be the easiest and quickest way to help him, I decided to use a blog template with some extra features.
Indeed, it offers the comfort of an existing plateform with a built-in administration tool and it could be structured and designed as needed.

I still don’t know if I am going to use Blogger ,WordPress or any other.
I really wish I could try Movable Type out but it is not free and I guess my friend is not willing to pay…

Anyway, I read that many people now have the same reaction than I had: here, here or here (FR) are examples of website built on a blog structure.

Is it the death of the usual website that we have been knowing ?

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It is been a few months I have been using pandora.

Just enter your favorite singer or your favorite song, pandora will then provide you with similar songs.
How similar, you re going to ask. Actually, based on rythm, melody, lyrics (and so on), an algorithm is able to select songs you will be likely to like. More, you can teach the program by telling him whether you like the played a song or not.
Then you can then setup and save your favorite choice for future listenning. Now you can even share it with friends…

It could even get funny when for instance, after entering Jamiroquai, Pandora played Culture Club !!!!

So if you are fed up with commercialized music, or if you just want to try something else, you should give it a try.

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