I am a huge fan of digg but have never used it for my own blog. I’ve also discovered newsvine. I’ve read a some posts and articles comparing them. I thought it might be nice to test the popularity of each.

I started registering in Newsvine some of my posts and a few hours later, I did the same on Digg. The result is impressive since Digg provided the same amount of traffic (still growing) in 4 minutes as Newsvine did in 10 hours.

I want to apologize for any inconvenient within both services doing the test. Indeed some Digg users have quickly discovered that I promoted my own posts and had to report it. Sorry for that.

[update] I’ve also reported my entries in Digg as spam since the test is conclusive (traffic mutliplied by 100).

[update2] It seems that Newsvine effect lasts longer that Digg like shows following figures:

It may be because Newsvine is still in Beta (as Brandon and Reggie commented) and has not as many shared posts/news as Digg has.