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My first post(4 months ago) dealt with Flock. At this time, a lot of websites and blogs (Flock was #1 on Technorati home page) was covering the launch of the new trendy browser.
Today, I don’t read and hear anymore about it while Firefox keeps increasing its Maket Share (20% in Europe according to ZDnet UK).I was wondering what could be the reasons of this loss of popularity (other than the buzz effect).A first explanation I can find is that people realized that Flock doesn’t provide with anything more than Firefox already does.Indeed following firefox extensions can bring the same level of functionality as Flock does.

I would add that people who are likely to use Flickr, Delicious and Blogging tools (and therefore Flock) are the same people who are able to understand and use these firefox extensions.

Anyway, I am sure that guys from Flock (which is still in Beta) will soon add some great functionalities.

[Update] For those who come from Digg or Newsvine, this post was part of a test I ran to compare popularity between both services. Results here.

Franz Ferdinand