Mario Kart DS
I couldn’t wait longer…
Yesterday (friday) was the release of Mario Kart DS in France.
I promised to myself that I would resist but after reading this test and especially the paragraph regarding the multiplayer game over internet feature, I ran to the first shop in order to buy the game.
First impression:
I had the same feelings as I played on N64. Which is I was requiring.
it is awesome. The game is hard enough and there are a lot of maps.
After playing a few maps alone, I decided to try to access the web.
Unfortunately, my DS wasn’t able to get an IP from my DHCP router wifi. So I entered manually all the details (IP, gateway and DNS) and it worked.
After a few minutes (just the time to automatically find 3 other players), I was playing with guys (don’t ask me where ther were from) who kicked my ass with turtles, bomb and so on. I LOVED IT!!!!
I wish some friends bought a DS as well to compete with them. Indeed, you can register some friends ID and find & play with them easily.

[update] I am a little bit disappointed – Indeed, the battle mode is not available for game over internet. There is “only” the usual race.
Hum hum, this is crazy how quickly I became requiring.

written in listening: Radiohead
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