I finished updating my resume yesterday and I wanted to add some nice little icons in order to improve the look&feel.
I found some great free icons here.

no problem for my phone number: (I know I should have chosen a phone picture instead but I wanted something different here)
no problem for my email:

But what about my blog ? I didn’t manage to find the right image to refer to my blog…

No relevant results with GoogleImage nor with delicious. Did I miss a dedicated website ?
In order to assert (if needed) the blogosphere, wouldn’t it be a good idea to standardize an icon (as Microsoft/Mozilla did with RSS – by the way, what is Apple waiting for?)
Anyway, this makes me wonder if it was a good idea to put my blog within my resume.

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I have already been proud to be French.
But nowadays, it is getting harder since our politics are discussing about the legalisation of the DRM.
I’ve heard on the grapevine that music majors and artists are losing money. Can you believe it?

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If you want to sign the petition against this law, click here [FR].

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Want to watch (again) Star Wars on your computer ?

Under Windows,

  1. Start Menu
  2. Run
  3. type Cmd
  4. type telnet
  5. enjoy!

Even better (with color), if you use IPv6.

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It has been raining on Lille for the last 2 days.
Therefore, I spent my time chating with friends, playing and surfing over the web.
This is typically the kind of day that I wonder what I would do without internet.
There are so many things Internet can help you with:
– phone
– looking for data
– save money with lower prices
– games

A new thing I will try soon:
In a few days, Auchan [FR] is going to open a new drive-in shop
The concept:
1- You select your products on the site (F&B typically)
2- You pay online and tell Auchan when you wish to come and pick your products
3- After your working day, you drive to the shop (by chance near my job) and someone picks-up your basket directly into you car.
4- That it
Isn’t it nice ?
I will write about this service as soon as I’ve tested it.

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