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My first post(4 months ago) dealt with Flock. At this time, a lot of websites and blogs (Flock was #1 on Technorati home page) was covering the launch of the new trendy browser.
Today, I don’t read and hear anymore about it while Firefox keeps increasing its Maket Share (20% in Europe according to ZDnet UK).I was wondering what could be the reasons of this loss of popularity (other than the buzz effect).A first explanation I can find is that people realized that Flock doesn’t provide with anything more than Firefox already does.Indeed following firefox extensions can bring the same level of functionality as Flock does.

I would add that people who are likely to use Flickr, Delicious and Blogging tools (and therefore Flock) are the same people who are able to understand and use these firefox extensions.

Anyway, I am sure that guys from Flock (which is still in Beta) will soon add some great functionalities.

[Update] For those who come from Digg or Newsvine, this post was part of a test I ran to compare popularity between both services. Results here.

Franz Ferdinand


It is been a few months I have been using pandora.

Just enter your favorite singer or your favorite song, pandora will then provide you with similar songs.
How similar, you re going to ask. Actually, based on rythm, melody, lyrics (and so on), an algorithm is able to select songs you will be likely to like. More, you can teach the program by telling him whether you like the played a song or not.
Then you can then setup and save your favorite choice for future listenning. Now you can even share it with friends…

It could even get funny when for instance, after entering Jamiroquai, Pandora played Culture Club !!!!

So if you are fed up with commercialized music, or if you just want to try something else, you should give it a try.

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I thought it might be useful to share the extension I actually use with Firefox 1.5.

  • PDF Download -> It allows you to choose between open a PDF (found on the web) in a new tab or save it on you computer.
  • Gmail Manager -> useful at work where I cannot connect thru POP3. Can also handle multiple accounts.
  • del.icio.us -> great integration of del.icio.us API.
  • TabBrowser preference –> enhance the tab experiment by adding some new features.
  • WebDeveloper -> A lot of fonctionalities to help web developers test/debug their pages. I personally use it to validate HTML, CSS and forms
  • Viamatic Foxpose -> Like the expose effect under Mac OS. You click on a button and all your tabs are displayed. Then, you have just to select the one you want to work with.
  • Chrome cleaner -> increases the startup time of firefox
  • FasterFox -> some tweaks for firefox in order to increase speed
  • Performance -> Allows you to bllog from Firefox (as Flock does) for or WordPress, MovableType and Blogger.
  • I am now waiting for the googlebar extension for v1.5…

What about you?
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Right here right now
If you want to make sure you have the last version of Firefox, try this site (using javascript and SVG) or this one where you will play Tetris.
[update] The MD5 for 1.5 is exactly the same as for 1.5 RC3 (d0cbbd5d8c47fe36ee8f26fb1255838c).
It simply means that Firefox 1.5 RC3 = Firefox 1.5.
So, if you’re using Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 3, congratulations: you have Firefox 1.5.

[update2] 1337tech.org did a great job in measuring F1.5 perfomances.


Meebo allows you to connect simultaneously to your favorite IM (MSN, Gtalk/Jabber, ICQ/AIM and Yahoo!) from your browser.

It looks like your desktop (AJAX’s based) and is so easy to login.

It is becoming seriously difficult to prevent yourself from trying to use right-click button . I think we are reaching the touchy limit between website and webOS.
Wish list: add Skype integration and a RSS agregator (bloglines like)

Anyway, Gary wrote a great article on Meebo.

[update] It appears that Meebo doesn’t handle your MSN (at least) blocked contacts letting them chat with you when you are connected… Not Good!
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Nothing to do on this saturday afternoon. Let see what is new within the blogosphere.
No doubt that my bloglines account is full of new post.

Hum hum, Flock is at last available in Beta version: Mozilla’s security and Look&Feel plus the integration of Flickr, del.icio.us APIs plus some blogging tools. It sounds great. Let’s give it a try.

1- Del.icio.us

As soon as I entered my login details, Flock downloaded all my saved sites (with related tags). Yet, each new site I will bookmark with Flock will be automatically add to my del.icio.us account. Nice!!

2- Flickr
A top bar can be opened with your choice of flickr pictures.
I need to investigate further on this topic…

3- Blogging tool
Actually, I created this blog only to test the functionality. And moreover, WordPress gives free accounts to Flock users (even if Flock is not 100% compatible with wordpress yet: cannot modify a existing post for instance).
After my wordpress was created, I ran the blog editor in Flock, entered my login/pwd and wrote this text.
After some difficulties with the blog editor (bullets points and lists are painfull to use…), I add some tags to my post, clicked on publish and it worked properly.
Then I tried to modify my text but I didn’t find out a way to do it. It seems that Flock allows you to create a post but not to update/modify one.

By the way wordpress is amazing in term of use of AJAX capability.

5- The Shelf
The shelf is a little window where you can drop several web stuff (text, URL, pictures…) into. Could be useful when you want to save some data prior to writing a blog spot for instance 😉

6- Extensions
Some great extensions are already available for Flock:
Greasemonkey, GmailNotifier and Webdeveloper …

7- Misc.
Some tries on “difficult” websites (java, flash, javascript) showed that Flock is able to handle such spread technologies.

I ran a TOP command under a console to check the amount of memory my browsers use:
Safari 2.0.1: 116 Mo
Flock 0.4.1: 204 Mo
Firefox 1.0.7: 296 Mo

It seems that Flock is lighter than Firefox. Maybe, all the extensions I installed on Firefox are transtating the result.

Anyway, great browser for those who are keen on using all the great latest web applications.Assuming that most of problems will be fixed in next version, I am looking forward to getting it!!!

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